The beginning is a good place to start.

After so many years of dreaming and the feeling of wanderlust, the adventure that is travelling around Europe and beyond has finally started!

I’m going to condense the most important parts of my life that are directly relevant to this blog to avoid any rambling on and give you an idea as to how this story might unfold.


  • That’s me on my way to Amsterdam just a week ago! You can call me Scott, I am 22 years old and I come from the sunny (sometimes) seaside town of Porthcawl, South Wales
  • Have Recently finished university in Aberystwyth studying Countryside Management and Conservation with a fresh perspective on how we use the planet
  • I love to eat, drink, meet new people, explore new cultures, listen and make music, skateboard and surf, read as many books as I possibly can and so on !
  • I want to explore the uses and benefits of different types of meditation and yoga across the world and share with others

That is the only bit of background knowledge that is needed before I dive into the thick of it and start making a plan!

So the first steps towards actual progress have happened today, and that is asides from waking up with a hangover that feels like a ten tonne weight on my head and managing to crawl out of bed. I had recently purchased my one way ticket to Malaga APG airport from South Wales and felt as if I had made huge progress, however on reflection all I had done is bought a ticket with absolutely no plan or knowledge of how I was going to get to the airport, how I would navigate after arriving at Malaga, how will I meet my hosts
(More explained in due time)..

…even worse so I hadn’t even checked the map to see where I was going.

An unprepared bag and handful of stuff is not enough to travel around the world. definitely not.

I finally started collecting and gathering items that I felt were necessary for my travels, this has all started after meticulously reading several other blogs about recommended backpacks, sleeping items, toiletries, and so on! So far I have accumulated;

  • Backpack Eurotrek pathfinder 65L
  • 2 Man tent (Lightweight)
  • Sleeping bag that actually fits me nicely (These are hard to find on low budget)
  • Lightweight travel hammock
  • Micro fibre towel
  • First aid kit (I’m first aid trained which is a nice addition to knowing how to use it) …. And a few essentials

Needless to say I’m going to seriously review what I’m taking and post a finalized updated version of my bags contents, this is with the addition of a handful of super useful items I’m waiting on arriving I’ve ordered online;

  • Head torch
  • Para-cord with a wealth of survival like items that all fit into one neat bracelet
  • Laundry bag

Seriously…. When I sweat I don’t want my entire pack to smell like the underside of my butt cheeks after a hard days walking or exploring some mountains, and every single one of the veteran backpackers blogs I’ve had the fortune to read have sung praises about having one!

Unfortunately I have to go to work and work up some extra funding before I can continue my story, please leave a comment or get in touch if you have any questions. The most important part of my adventure is to meet new people and talk! See you soon…



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