Friends, 100% recycled flip flops and fire!

It’s about time I introduced my good friend Nathan and explain how yesterday played along in the blistering heat!

Life time friend, brothers at heart, call me soft but he’s a great companion for travelling.

I’ve known my good friend Nathan for basically my entire life (give or take a few years),
having always been into the same hobbies and social groups we’ve built a great relationship. This has led to countless camping crusades, road trips, paddle boarding disasters, adventures through Amsterdam and countless more to come as he has decided to join me for a couple of months!

Yesterday was another one of those adventures, a spontaneous decision to go camping led us on a grueling hour walk through sand and hills in the ruthless heat. Being used to the cold and wet has not prepared me for the intense heat wave we’ve been lucky to have, nonetheless we never let it hinder a good night! Dancing to music under the stars at 2am to swimming in the sea before breakfast will always be my favorite way to end a good night, and it feels like there will be many days like this ahead.

After the long walk back to civilization I grabbed a vanilla latte and met up with another close friend to talk about my plans to travel. Through the use of the outstanding website I have spoken to countless hosts around the world all offering their services. The premise of the site is that you are either a host or a helper and trade services in order for free accommodation and sometimes food for free!
Being a helper means I’ve been in touch with people primarily in Andalusia as my starting point is southern Spain, in particular I’ll be visiting and staying with a host near the white village of Ronda. In exchange for a room and meals I will be helping build an environmentally friendly eco-retreat that aims to be totally sustainable ?!

How cool right?!

Using this website and similar ones available I will be working my way north, eventually to France and then the Netherlands, documenting and blogging my way to give people an insight into the opportunities that are around and cost next to nothing. Of course nothing is free in this world and sometimes spending just a little bit of money can be fruitful, this brings me on to some of the things that arrived in the post today and my 100% recycled flip flops which are totally rad!

I only ordered one of the para-cord bracelets but they sent two, Huzzah!

First of all the HFan is a headlight torch, it cost roughly £8 off amazon and it is rechargeable and water resistant. I desperately want to avoid using or carrying batteries so the recharge feature is great and allows for hands free lighting when setting up my tent in the dark (hopefully this won’t happen too often), I highly recommend having an extra light source for the night as I found out last night trying to route through my bag looking for stuff.

Secondly is the para-cord survival bracelet, I’m a bit of a survival geek and love all the different compact kits and equipment for saving your a** in those situations that will inevitably happen out of your control. It has a LED SOS light that can go for up to 72 hours, a flint and magnesium rod, compass, whistle and of course the para-cord itself!
Again this cost roughly £6 on amazon and they sent two which is great to have as a spare or to give to Nathan when he meets me out there!

Yes they are a little battered but that’s what happens when your surfing the concrete in flipflops

Decent flip flops are a must! I cannot stress this enough. Loads of people will say to get a decent pair of hiking sandals or hybrids that are cool in the hot weather but give enough support to do a multitude of tasks, I however will not. I live in my flip flops rain or shine and if I had a choice I would never wear a pair of shoes again, paying the extra for a decent pair will mean they last twice as long as any cheap pair and this brand of Sanuks are 100% recycled. Not only do they look great but your helping the environment by not supporting cheap mass produced plastic ones that cost a couple pounds! 

Send me some messages or feedback on what you think are the must have items to go travelling, or just leave me a message I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. For now it’s off to cruise the sunny streets and put these flip flops back to the test.

Good bye for now, Adios, Ciao, Sayonara, Au Revoir, Aloha!


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