Budget travel, motorbikes and future giveaways!

Since I was young I always dreamed of riding a big chopper across vast landscapes in full leathers and big chunky boots, my dream somewhat came true at 17 when I passed my CBT and got my first 125cc bike. This bike was an absolute dive, it looked terrible and it hardly worked. Safe to say this did not satisfy my desires so I got rid of it and after a while I managed to get a black AJS-eco custom, this bike was much better! It rode comfortably and looked the part of a cool biker, but it lacked power. Living in the steep hills of West Wales at the time it simply couldn’t do its jobs efficiently, this brings me on to my latest bike. My pride and joy, my only child, my one true love, my Yamaha Virago XV535.

1996 Yamaha Virago XV 535 – My absolute one true love… until I sold her 😦

This bike rode like a dream and was super comfortable, it was everything I ever wanted. 

Unfortunately to fund my trip and my inability to save money I needed to sell this to cover a large chunk of my planned funds, it has been a bit of a nightmare to say the least. I’ve had people let me down, really poor offers, and I’ve even got a quote from “We buy any bike” but this was the last straw after there appallingly low offer. After reaching a point of thinking I’ll never sell this and how can I fund my travels relying so heavily on this one sale, a miracle happens that is my best friends mum! 

Long story cut short I’ve now sold my motorbike for a fair price to my best mates parents, which turns out they were actually buying the motorbike for my best mate!?
It’s a blessing in disguise, I’ve told my friend he has absolutely no choice in the matter that I will be hijacking it when I’m back in the country!

I will update this post later, I currently have to go close bank accounts and transfer funds and get the financial aspect of this trip sorted before I start finalizing my backpack list and getting set to go. You can find my first attempt at getting a bag set up here –https://future-nomad.com/2018/07/13/the-beginning-is-a-good-place-to-start/
Or feel free to browse through my posts on the home page and go from there!

As always please leave a comment below or get in touch I’d love to hear what you guys think about it or any experiences you’ve had yourself you’d love to share!

Continued –

So an update on sorting funds, basically I haven’t.

I’ve been super lazy today making the most of not having work till tomorrow.
On another note I’m taking this time to explain how I’m funding all of this, going from next to nothing to roughly £1000, and this is going to last me the year. It sounds unrealistic to some, but for others It’s a massive amount of money to go away with, in reality none of this would be achievable on my budget without selling my bike and a handful of other possessions. If I can’t take it with me then it has absolutely no use.
I’m planning on travelling for as long as possible via whatever means necessary, within reason of course. I want to stress to people how totally achievable this is by taking the dive and paying the mere £20 a year membership on helpx.net or using one of the thousand other similar sites to find accommodation, work, and food etc. Be sensible, have a fall back plan, have an emergency fund, have something so that you don’t totally leave yourself up sh*t creek and then bite the bullet and get out there!

I want to send some good vibes out there and do a giveaway once I get my Instagram profile up to scratch and fully sorted out, go check it out using the link in the menu bar. In the next couple of days I’ll have a post up giving away a few useful items for travelling that I consider essentials! One of these items is the bermunavy para-cord survival bracelet I have previously mentioned, and there will be a selection of other items!

See left: Bermunavy Paracord Bracelet

For now it’s time to actually sort out a bit more prepping then sit back with a drink and enjoy the rest of the day off, have a great day guys, don’t work too hard! See you soon.



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