Travelling with electronic devices, books, and how important is music?

There are a million questions that come to mind when choosing what electronic devices to take with you on your journey, this also incorporates the second section of the post with regards to music devices and platforms etc. With devices comes the need to charge via battery or charger, it brings cables and cable management, storage, waterproofing, protection and cases, insurance, the list just goes on and on and on and on.

My usual set up, the beer of course is the most important!

Now taking my laptop is a must, I use it for contact, planning, blogging, and so on. This isn’t so much of an issue for me as I have the Lenovo Ideapad 110S, its a small notebook rather than a laptop but has just enough space and memory to do the tasks I need. It’s modest price tag of £100 means that should the worst come to worst it breaks or so help me stolen, that it isn’t a total bank buster to replace. Ideally I’d have something with a bit more memory and a brighter screen, but beggars can’t be choosers and buying a new laptop is way out of my budget!

Asides from this I’ll be taking my phone (Huawei P Smart), it has a fantastic camera, processor and storage so this is perfect for blogging, and a few pen drives to back up my data. Other than these two items I can’t see myself taking anything else, I just don’t see the need to weigh down my pack with battery packs and extra chargers etc. 

However.. an important question, how the hell do I travel my books?

The answer is obvious isn’t it ? Buy a kindle or a similar piece of tech. But it just adds up to even more money and another piece of breakable equipment to worry about, but for me it seems the need to have some literature throughout my journey out weighs the risks so I’ll be looking this evening at getting a second hand one or a decent back-lit one online. I can’t survive months and months without reading, it’s one of my favorite hobbies at the moment and keeps my brain active since finishing studying.

(Pssst. want a good book to read? If you enjoy fantasy i’m currently reading Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles, I’m currently half way through book 2 of 3 and I am absolutely in love! Also my hands are not that big it’s just the photo honestly!)



Now believe it or not there are people who aren’t that fussed on music, what the hell right ?! I struggle to find this possible, but of course some people just don’t listen to that much music by choice and that’s cool. But for me I NEED music. I cannot imagine a world without music, I have a playlist for the mornings, Sunday mornings, showers, walking, cycling, skating, driving, you get the idea. I’d love to find out how you guys listen to your music, do you stream it on your phone or download it, old school walkman, mp3, ipod, vinyl (not so do-able travelling but I’m sure people do!). Now I imagine most people just use their phones with the wealth of music streaming services becoming available and the already available ones, however after studying music in college and being keen in the music industry it amazes me how few people understand the damage that streaming services have caused to the music industry. Of course there are positives like the ability to stream your music all across the globe and for a marginal price, but all you have to do is take a few minutes to google the shockingly low rates artists get paid for their royalties. Artists such as Taylor Swift had a huge battle with Spotify and refused to put her music on due to the conditions that they agree too, however I am totally hypocritical as I pay £5 a month for the student Spotify package and have an unbelievable amount of music at my fingertips, I mean why wouldn’t you take advantage of this deal?

Perfect for writing, no vocals but great instrumentals from a fantastic film (One of my favorites)

In short, I hope that music as a whole turns in the direction of more direct sales again and creating a new way to buy music and get more interaction with the artist your buying from on a huge scale, like bandcamp but even bigger! Go buy the album directly, support the artists you enjoy, plus you get a swanky hard copy CD…. totally rad.

So before I go what are you guys listening to right now, I want to know. Im playing the John Wick soundtrack as I’m writing this, great instrumental background music to get deep in thought and let the words articulate themselves in front of me. Leave a comment or better yet follow the blog for future updates on my posts. Have a great day and I look to forward to hearing from you, Hasta La Vista, Baby (Cue Terminator Soundtrack)….


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