One more day, and inspiring books.

Today is a write off in terms of finalizing all the small details and being ready to go, If you haven’t already seen my previous posts on Monday I am travelling to Southern Spain, Andalusia, to stay for potentially 12+ months on the latest and soon to be the greatest adventure in my life.

I am more than happy taking today off from researching, planning, buying train tickets, organizing paperwork and so on, as today is the last day I get to spend with my family for a long period of time. It’s pretty rare that the whole family (me, my sister, dad and mum) is free to spend the day together, and what better than to spend it in the warm sun, sat by the waves, drinking, drinking, drinking, oh did I mention drinking?
In reality the only parts left of my preparation is to actually pack my bag, print off boarding passes, and double, triple check that I haven’t forgotten anything and say my goodbyes! So fingers crossed everything runs smooth and in 48 hours I’ll be flying over mainland Spain ready to disembark. 

However before all of this I must, no, I need to finish the book I am currently reading!
(For those who noticed I have already mentioned this book, but it deserves it)

Part 2 of 3 of the king killer chronicles, I literally cannot wait for book 3 it’s killing me!

Falling in love with a new author or series of books is the most refreshing experience, after the heart wrenching break up with the last book you’ve read you always wonder, will I ever love a book this way again? Will anything ever compare? Have I changed?

Of course you will! Everyone has their own favorite authors, genres, styles of writing, for me it’s fantasy.  I am constantly infatuated by an authors ability to grab a hold of your imagination and inspire your mind to play out it’s own visualizations of what ever your enjoying. Patrick Rothfuss the author of ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ is nothing short of a genius, I’ve always considered myself a picky reader and struggle to find a series that truly captures me enough to sit and plough through 2 even 3 hours of straight reading, however I’ve had literally no trouble.

He manages to make the most fictitious scenarios and characters burst to life in colour as if it’s simply within arms reach, take this passage for example when describing a mystical creature of the Fae;

‘Felurian slowly relaxed out of her stretch and looked at me with ancient eyes. Eyes unlike anything I had ever seen. They were a striking colour…
The summer dusk was in her eyes
… a sort of
twilight blue. They were fascinating. In fact…
With lids of winged butterflies
… there wasn’t any white to them at all…
Her lips the shade of sunset skies

The gentle hush of her voice caught me unprepared again. It wasn’t that her words were breathy, or husky, or sultry. It was nothing so tawdry or affected as that. But when she spoke, I couldn’t help but be aware of the fact that her breath was pressed from her breast, past the soft sweetness of her throat, then shaped by the careful play of lips and teeth and tongue.’

I can understand that without context it’s hard to fully appreciate the writing, however I leave you with this before I start babbling onto an entire review, READ THIS BOOK!

Two great books highly recommended and not huge reads so easier to travel!

I owe my dad and sister to the next two books on my list to read, these will be the only two hard copies of books I take with me due to obvious travel restrictions. Firstly, from an author I already love, ‘Into Thin Air’ by Jon Krakauer. He has also done ‘Into The Wild’ an absolutely amazing book and film adaptation which was the sole reason and inspiration for my travels, I haven’t got the funds or no-how to reach Alaska so I’m happy settling for Europe (For now)! Secondly, ‘Wake Up’ by Jack Kerouac, another inspiring author my dad wholeheartedly recommends.

Both of these books absolutely stink of adventure and exploration, whether it be the physical landscape or the mind, which is exactly what i’m after. For other books I want to read I’ve purchased a kindle (on sale currently at amazon), It was a reasonable price of £75 and that was the paperwhite version with a backlight. This is perfect for taking around with me and keeping the weight of my bag low.

As always guys let’s talk! Let me know what you think of these books, have you read them? any other recommendations ? What inspiring authors do you love? If you would like to donate toward the cost of some new books whilst I’m away there is a link in the top right drop down menu, or if you would just like to follow the blog that is much appreciated!

For now It’s off to enjoy the last day with the family and relax before putting the ball in motion for an adventure of my own, who knows, perhaps there is the potential for my own book in the future……






5 thoughts on “One more day, and inspiring books.

  1. Yesterday was indeed a good day… a rare family day, a rare fun day… and a great way to hang out before you head out on your journey. Love ya, and gonna miss ya… but this blog will keep me going until I come hang out with you in España xx

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