Malaga, Mazes and Magic

A small square off the main high street shows off the marble aesthetic and water fountain

Only a handful of hours and I am already lost in the beauty and mystery of Malaga.
Just when you think you’re getting the hang of the street layouts or the style of the buildings, you turn a corner… and everything changes?!

I dropped off my pack at the hostel and quickly freshened up before heading back out, after a 30 minute walk from the main bus station with my bag it’s safe to say I was thirsty and smelt as bad as I looked. After grabbing some water and a quick pizza I headed out to do some exploring, I didn’t bother taking a map or setting a plan so I chose a direction and walked. All of the shops, cafes and bars seem to just blend into the maze of houses that look as if they’ve been built like Lego blocks. Jutting out at odd angles and buildings that have been on top other buildings, you have to keep your eyes peeled for the alleyways that lead to baron streets with hidden beauties. See for yourself some of the ones I came across in the first few hours;


Feeling like Indian Jones or Tomb Raider, it seems almost mad not to take a moment to stop and appreciate the architecture. Taking photos and leaving nothing but footprints, It’s great to see these areas well looked after, litter free, and so preserved. One particular cathedral was only visible standing at the perfect angle down the high street, watching hundreds of people walking past clueless I took a small detour and was at a loss. These buildings deserve to be marveled at all angles.


After some exploring it’s back to the hostel to get out of the scorching heat, grab a beer and do some research on more well known attractions. Hopefully the evening will make for better exploring without having to worry about the heat or staying hydrated, and the bonus of more bars being open across the way. Its unfortunate that i’m only staying here for one day before travelling to Ronda on the train, I’d like to spend a few days on either side of the river to take in as much as I can, however I can’t be greedy! Ronda is home to more traditional rural Spanish culture, and tomorrow is a new day, I’m sure that after meeting my host Aitox I can explore his local home town and get some insider info on great spots to visit. Until then, let me know what you guys are up to, do you know any great sights in Malaga I should visit this evening? 

Looking forward to hearing from you, if you’re interested in the build up to my first stop check out my previous posts and get in touch! Adios!




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