Kundalini yoga beneath a blood orange eclipse and Ayahuasca.

The title just about sums up the last few days I’ve been fairly quiet, I’ve been so totally engrossed in the local lifestyle and events going on it’s been hard to catch a moment to myself! All I can say is that they work hard, and play hard. Everyone around me (in Gaucin and Benarraba) really knows how to relax and have a good time, there is never any hostility or arguments, always new people to meet, and plenty of food and drink being shared around. It almost feels rude to decline an offer of food, and the amount of times I’ve been told to stop asking if I can make some food or get a drink, mi casa es su casa!

Me casa es su casa – I love how seriously people mean this, it’s the most welcoming feeling

The underground air con has come along nicely and the hole has been dug and sized ready for the pipes to be set up and linked to the house, but just further up the village my host (Aitox) and fellow traveler (Olly) have been working on another house which I offered my hand at some painting and have been busy with this as well. I’m working over the usual hours but it’s a genuine pleasure to be helping out in a small community and give some of my time toward something useful. The small perks of working outdoors all the time is fresh fruit that is constantly growing around, just pull one off, cut it up and away you go, instant fresh energy!

Free fruit!? can’t say no!

After doing some work me and Olly decided to head into Gaucin town centre, a short 20 minute walk later and we’re browsing the streets and taking in the sights. There is a vast array of locally made decorations all throughout the town, the colours burst vibrantly across the bleach white buildings! After grabbing a few drinks and tapas with Ana we had one more days work before relaxing ready for the weekend!

last night, after doing some work the we finished up painting and headed down to the local river, the plan was to do some yoga and relax with everyone and it turned into a truly magical evening. The afternoon was perfectly cool with a warm breeze, I spent the next few hours listening to the guitar being played next to me, swimming in the river, speaking to locals and practicing my spanish (much needed!). Eventually the sun turned down and hid behind the mountain as we all grouped up and the kundalini yoga was beginning, I reluctantly decided to take a back seat and simply watch and appreciate the art (I’d had a few beers and mucho porro). As the yoga went on and the atmosphere chilled out even more, ukuleles and guitars playing in the background with big goat skin drums, then over the mountain in the perfect picturesque fashion the moon appeared blood red from the eclipse with mars. It was a fairy tale moment that I wish I had captured and posted for you all to see, but in all truth and honesty, this is one memory I am keeping for myself. Call me greedy, but the true magic of the evening and dreamlike state I felt at the moment was truly perfect/tranquilo. 

I spent this morning relaxing, recollecting last nights memories and practicing my kata (Shotokan Karate). I always firmly believed a full moon was a night for good change and good energy, and so today has felt super peaceful. We’re all just getting ready to head into San Pedro for a big village fiesta, listen to some live music and eat till my stomach explodes. However the real mystery is the possibility to experience a true shaman lead expedition of the subconscious with ayahuasca, this is something I’ve pondered and debated for a long time considering it’s insanely beneficial use of ancient mantra combined with the DMT released by the tea. I will have to see how this evening plays out, if not today, then in the next six months I will most definitely seek out and experience this for myself! 

Until then! Keep in touch! Let me here about your adventures and stories in the comments below, or if there’s anything you want to discuss don’t be shy. Have a great day and stay happy, hasta luego! Ciao.



2 thoughts on “Kundalini yoga beneath a blood orange eclipse and Ayahuasca.

  1. I can’t put into words how jealous, impressed, happy for you I’m feeling through reading these updates…. save a few sights and fresh citrus for me, cos I’m heading out there soon ! Keep some work for me too… I wanna help create this place. Love ya, kiddo ❤


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