Busy – Part 1: San Pedro Fiesta, Yoga, & Hemp

It’s been far too long since I’ve last posted and for that I’m sorry, my initial plan of posting every two or three days has been thwarted by endless nights of mischief and mayhem! I’ll be posting this into two parts where you can find the next installment via my homepage or linked on my Instagram.

But I’d much rather have a boat load of great stories than patched together, forced, un-natural writing. So without further ado, the last few days of travelling has been crazy!

Not the most flattering photo but I don’t seem to show my face all to often, I’m not a robot I swear!

First of all a few days ago I headed to the San Pedro Fiesta on the beach with Aitox, Ana and Olly. What a fantastic day of colour, dancing, yoga, music, crafts, and cultural experience. There was unfortunately a very large presence of overly drunk tourists, but who am I to say that they hindered the experience, it was everything as a whole which created a beautiful evening. After practicing some new yoga moves watching a large group of acroyoga I had the pleasure of meeting Josh and Andrea, these guys have recently moved to Andalucia to start a business creating projects educating those on the vast uses and benefits of hemp. I have, for the last 6/7 years plus, been a massive advocate of growing hemp, for the grand list of products it can be used for instead of modern materials that are totally non-sustainable, a few major ones are;

Building materials

and so on!

What makes the project so unique is it’s similarity to my travelling choice, anyone who has no money, an eagerness to learn about hemp or permaculture, or simply anyone with the willing to learn is welcome! This is a prospect that I look forward getting massively involved in the future and supporting the development!


Asides from the fantastic company there was music, music, music, and dancing! There are few times when I can totally relax and let myself loose to skank, bounce, weave and wiggle. These times are rare for myself and often sought after, to feel totally comfortable among a crowd of strangers is a liberating sensation and should be made the most of! After a selection of great ska bands both British and Spanish, there was some craft beer and meeting new people from Italy and Israel who had the most spectacular travel stories and accommodating personalities. After drinking plenty and smoking far too much I felt appropriately lucid and spent the night floating around browsing the local crafts until purchasing a nice wooden ring, eating this gorgeous quinoa burger and heading back to the music. The last band was mesmerizing, even though totally in Spanish, I was totally fixated at the dynamic of genres and ability to get even a small crowd dancing and singing together, FANTASTIC!



This vegan pop up food stall was addictive and a total detriment to my budget!

We eventually left the beach at 4am and made the journey back to the house (felt like a million years) where we chilled out and planned for the next week and how we would create makeshift tools to get to our goal! The next handful of days consisted of working on the piping for the underground air con, refurbishing the natural rock pool alongside the new house, building a mesh for filtering rocks using an old bed mattress, visiting the river for sangria, smoking, relaxing and reading! It’s been an incredibly tiring few days which has led to late nights and not a lot of time to update my blog, as always for more up to date posts check out my instagram; Future_nomad_ and let me know what your thoughts are!

Part 2 consists of more new interactions with people from across the world, a crazy party all for free, and rock climbing in flip flops! I’m hoping to have some time tomorrow morning after heading into Gaucin briefly to post part 2, leave a comment and let me know your experiences and thoughts, I look forward to hearing from you and finishing part 2! 🙂 See you soon! Hasta manana!








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