Learn to love your smile!

Just a quick thought whilst out on the road with Aitox and Yoga, I’ve never liked my smile, infact I hated it. But I’ve come to realise that the photos with your ‘worst’ smile, ’embarrassing’ laugh, and all the usual stuff people dislike come to be the most genuine and honest memories and should be shared more!

Don’t fall into the trap that society and social media has created, it hypnotizes you into feeling the need to upload and share these fake memories or alternate realties that you almost feel obliged to upkeep in order to fit into the ‘norm’. You don’t have to showcase yourself, people should feel willing and happy to share the honest and best memories without painting over them in 100 different filters.

I’m not trying to say that people should stop taking certain photos, use filters, or change anything that they enjoy. I just feel the need to highlight one of many the issues surrounding social media and how it has clearly shaped the way that media is shared!

I’m out on the road today but would love to hear your thoughts or what your up too! Leave me a message 🙂 For now enjoy the less than flattering photo of us, having an amazing time, and not caring how others see it! Have a beautiful day – hasta luego!


3 thoughts on “Learn to love your smile!

  1. This is beautiful. So true. You have a phenomenal smile. It’s like a thousand sunshine shining on earth at once.

    Keep being you and keep producing wicked posts. I’m loving some holiday reading from wise old Scott.

    Keep it real. Keep it honest. Keep it true to you. Always. Big love. Sioux. X


  2. Really engrossed by your blog. If you put it into a book I’d buy one especially if all the super photos were in it. Keep it coming. Love you miss you but envy your wanders. Enjoy! Take care!


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