Keroac inspired hitchhiking from Orgiva – Nerja – Mora

In the true essence of ‘Dharma Bums‘ by Jack Keroac, and my compulsion to throw myself into hard situations, I hitchhiked and successfuly covered many miles yesterday.

I had been getting short rides frequently too and from Beneficio when going into town for groceries or supplies, but never had I undertaken a long journey hitch hike. Much to my dismay the first hour was abysmal, the sun beat down sending endless waves of face melting heat and when the wind brought a breeze it ended up bringing with it a blanket of even warmer air, Tener Calor!


Fortune favours those who persist and do not give up, I’ve always said good things come to those who wait and wait I did. I waited for one hour and a half before walking roughly 5kms to the bridge leading out of Orgiva. After a short walk through a tunnel and finding a shaded spot I found my luck whilst juggling stones alongside the road, an Englishman called Jan pulled up in a beat up american style truck, cream leather interior with a polished wood dashboard the thing was a beauty. The door flung open and a short wirey man with skin the same leathery consistency of the car smoking a joint the size of my arm ushered me in swiftly as not to hold up the road, I wasn’t shy to throw myself into the car without a proper introduction eager to make haste down south to Nerja (Where supposedly there is a festival this weekend, however I am yet to find any information regarding this).

The journey took just over an hour due to a detour my new amigo had to make, the majority of the journey spent talking about Wales, England, and Spain. I was eager to find out about his life here, how he lived, his job, his family etc, the small details that help build a picture of someones background. He was kind, well spoken and had a thick Somerset accent that reminded me of sharp dry cider from back home, for some reason cider isn’t widely drank or even sold in Spain after many fruitless attempts at finding it in the local supermercado! He dropped me off at the crossroads leading into the city/town and I dashed out again and made a quick run for the streets, it’s illegal like most countries to walk on the motorways and I had a short strut before making it to the pavements of the suburbs adjacent.

The heat near the sea is enhanced by the warm breeze, I’m used to the refreshingly cold salty air that usually slaps you in the face in the morning in South Wales

My journey through Nerja was cut short as my frustration with all the tourists was growing, shoulder to shoulder and with no consideration for the fact that I was carrying a 25-30kg pack the size of a small man, people continuously nudged and made comments as I tried to traverse the town. I ended up walking straight through, taking a short visit to the famous ‘balcone de europa’ and trecking to the town further north called Mora, having heard about a free public beach which allows camping I was eager to save money and find it!


I walked the 7 kms north to the beach and saved the couple euros instead of taking the bus, headphones in and a chat to a friend back home and I was there. It took roughly half hour of searching the town to find the carpark I had been directed too, from which you descended what felt at least a 100m cliff downward to a secluded secret beach in which as soon as I arrived I threw off my bags with my remaining energy and crawled into the sea to bask in the water.

The endless stairs to the secret beach

Once I finally relaxed and settled down I spoke to some of the locals that had set up permanent residence on the shore, they gave me a little background on the area and a cold beer which was much appreciated. The image below shows the rock formations that the locals call the gorilla and the lion, you can see them facing eachother and supposedly there is a long winded history that I was far too tired to care about, I was simply happy to see the rocks and unwind after a long day.

The gorilla and the lion in a deep endless discussion, as old as the rocks themselves

The night took an interesting turn as the beers kept coming and the few of us that stayed the night on the beach grazed on a bowl of peanuts and magic mushrooms. As nonchalantly as sharing a bag of crisps we tucked into the bowl of nuts and champignons
and proceeded to laugh the night away, the best highlight of the evening was three of us staring at a melon and trying to balance it standing up on a mattress on the sand. We were unsuccessful in balancing it, and unsuccessful at being quiet as we laughed solidly for over an hour and filled the air with the sweet contagious sound of happiness. I found that the mushrooms were considerably less visually intense than acid and lsd but had a equally as fuzzy mind warp that caused you to giggle uncontrollably, thus’ the final physcedelic that i’ve wanted to try is now compelte and I am ready to write up my experiences of each one in the book I am currently writing.

This morning I felt fresh as a daisy, asides from my aching back, and slept like a log. I made my way to the town up the endless stairs had a quick cafe con leche and made haste on the bus to Nerja to charge up my phone and plan my next destination. It would seem fate is taking me north to a psytrance Goa festival near barcelona before heading to germany to study in a buddhist monastery, but this is still being planned and is up in the air. I look forward to studying buddhism and sharing what knowledge I gain, however my travels are sporadic and totally spontaneous so my internet access is limited, I look forward to keeping you posted as soon as possible, in the meantime leave me some comments to keep me going on my journeys and let me know how you fair with your travels or day to day life!

Stay happy – Stay hippie – Find freedom – Love always and often. Life is what you make it so make it beautiful.


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