Help my pursuit to study Buddhism and its origins.

My pursuit of Buddhism – To study, learn and share across the world

I appreciate all the constructive criticism I’ve received and always welcome feedback on my projects or work.

All of the places that I have visited have had a profound impact on my research

I want to further help spread the positive impacts that the many types of Buddhism have with the western world. By directly visiting the countries of origin in which these practices have been developed over thousands of years, studying and learning directly from the monasteries themselves, and bringing with me the joy and clarity that much of the western world could benefit from. As well as educating those who wish to experience these opportunities themselves, showing that you don’t need to have bucket loads of money, but by the gift of charity practiced by yourself and from others you can achieve almost anything you set your mind too. 

I am a firm believer in getting back from the planet what you put in, and I want to give people the knowledge and resources to experience these amazing opportunities. On September 18th I leave to travel to Otter-berg in southern Germany from where I am now, Andalusia. I am going to one of the European shaolin temples and will be studying and training with the resident monks and teachers for a period of potentially 6 months or more. From here I wish to travel east, to other countries of Buddhist origin, to continue my studies in as many monasteries as possible before releasing a book that I can proudly share with those interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction, you can find below specific details of which monasteries I am aiming to visit and links to my online blog I am using to keep those who are supporting my journey up to date with how everything is coming together. A breakdown of the approximated costs of travel and expenses will be listed below as to why I have requested the amount above -I hope that you can join my adventure, and contact me regarding any questions that you might have via the email link provided by go fund me.

My updated journey can be found here

or here

Since before my travels had begun, I found an active interest in researching Buddhism and beginning to find out the story of Siddhartha Gotama who became Buddha through his ability to shed himself of all desires, riches, and worldly materialism’s and finding enlightenment. Through reading different literature with different view points it has given me a brief insight as to how Buddha is viewed and perceived, all of these books are worth taking the time to read if you want to invest into spirituality and I highly recommend;

-Jack Kerouac – ‘Dharma Bums’ and ‘Wake Up’
-Hermann Hesse – ‘Siddhartha’
-Lau Tzu – ‘Tao Te Ching’ (The book of the way )

I hope to vastly increase my reading list on this subject – however these types of books often take a long time to read as many pages are twice or thrice read in order to really take in all the details.

*Currently Reading*


The monasteries that I wish to visit are listed below;

These will differ from those that I can actively study in due to the language barriers which I am currently in the process of breaking – and the realistic barriers of obtaining access to any practices or studies. The average cost of flights or combined ground travel is approx~ £300-£400 to china from which all of these areas can be accessed cheaper than travelling from southern Spain or Germany. I highly recommend researching these fantastic monasteries and their individual histories.

Taung Kalat — Mount Popa, Burma

Hanging Monastery — Shanxi Sheng, China

Ganden Monastery — Lhasa, Tibet

If there are any questions I am more than happy to respond, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with regards to anything about this project.

I look forward to hearing from you – and thanks again. Please leave a comment, I’d love to get feedback or simply discuss what’s going on with your travels or anything your currently pursuing.


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