Writing begins, Gofundme, and Travelling to Germany in pursuit of Buddhism

How many times have I thought;
Yes, today is the day that I start writing my book

If I put as much time into actually writing or planning as I did thinking about it I’d have 3 books written by now, plus the coffee? I’d have an entire series written! The sooner I combat my vices that prevent me from writing then I can make some progress, everyone’s got those little demons that they battle when trying to achieve something. Sidetracking you, telling you not to bother, keeping you ‘busy’, it can be anything and everything.

I have been recommended a new book to read by a good friend called
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu (translates ‘The book of the way’);

(Credit to source; not my photo)

From what I’ve read so far it is full of thought provoking passages that really get the gears going in my brain and get me thinking deeply. One of my most liked parts reads;

Heaven and earth endure,
By not endowing themselves with life.
Then they can be long-lived.
So the wise place self last,
And it comes first,
Call it other than themselves,
And it persists.
By not thinking of Self,
The personal goal is achieved

Asides from reading I have been stuck in limbo the last week…

In short, my overall plan was to go to Nerja on the word of some good friends I made in Beneficio, that there was going to be a secret woodland festival which was apparently too damn secret or didn’t exist because I did not make it. I planned to stay the weekend at Nerja, dance, shout, meet new people and have a generally relaxed weekend before making plans to go north. During this period I was waiting for a reply from a Buddhist monastery in Germany that is part of the Shaolin temple Europe group, so I was essentially in limbo until I had word and I was so damn set on going to this place that I had written out any and all possibilities other than biding my time on the coast and then hitchhiking up the coast north.


Im not going to dwell on Nerja because overall it was a bad experience, other than trying out the couch-surfing app for the first time and meeting a really kind hearted guy called Stuart who housed me for the few days I was there. I came down with stomach bug for one day and rather than say details – I was ill. very ill. I wandered the beaches and dodged the tourists, after no luck with finding this hidden festival I looked at ventures north and in my previous post I mentioned my aim to go to a festival near Barcelona. After looking at travel and costs this was simply not an option due to my funds.

I was ill. felt trapped. too many tourists. I did not enjoy these few days in all honesty but I took it as a time to escape to the roof of the apartment I was staying and finishing reading two books I’ve been picking at slowly. But sure enough, like fate had it planned, my original host and good friend Aitox sent me a few messages and within a day I was planned to be headed back to Gaucin/Benerraba and wait out my response from the monastery there!

My early morning escape – Blissful

I got on the coach the next morning and booked a ticket immediately for the Renfa train from Malaga to Ronda where conveniently Aitox was getting an MOT done on his car and could pick me up straight from there. The bus ride was an absolute pleasure, heading to Malaga (even though my dislike of Malaga in terms of how busy it is was just as strong as Nerja) was a massive weight off my chest and I felt like I was back progressing on my travels rather than hitting a block. I read the entire journey and listened to some relaxing music setting the vibe for the rest of the day, one sketchy crossover onto the train through security hiding my smoking materials and I was onto the train and making good time inland.


Arriving at Ronda I went straight to the famous gorge and marveled at the architecture of the bridge before grabbing a drink and waiting for my ride.
It turned out that we were also picking up a new helpxer headed to work with one of the locals in the valley, we all rendezvoused and headed to our temporary home. The rest of the days honestly were spent relaxing, reading, eating, and doing work on projects that Aitox would set each day. During this period I got in touch with the monastery and in a heartbeat flights have been booked and travel set – GERMANY!


I’m brushing over quickly the recent events as that’s how I feel I’ve honestly experienced them. Everything has been a speedy blur trying to find my next destination and path – This has prompted me to look into what I want to do for the next 6 months and plan my gofundme page.  You can click the link, or just navigate through my home page and simply click there. By following this link it will go through to part 2 of this post, Thanks always for reading. I hope to upload a more informative, less rushed post for the next week and update everyone! Leave a comment and get in touch, It’s always a pleasure to receive some messages and is great motivation to keep writing!






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