Being grateful for the smallest things makes life beautiful

I use the phrase ‘smallest things’ which is kind of contradictory to the heading, but helps make a good point. Now more than ever I seem to be taking the time to sit back and really appreciate every thing, each meal, every cup of coffee or chai tea, the brief conversations in the street, the cats that come over to say hello, the old lady that smiles as I walk past her house, I mean the list can go on and on.

And being grateful that I get to be someone who has even the smallest impact on someone’s life, maybe just a quick smile or holding a door open can really turn someone’s day around if it’s not going so well. Practicing gratitude is great way of having a positive effect on others and yourself, today I am going to be grateful for simply filling a space that needed to be filled. For being that person who simply exists here and now and has the opportunity to spread some good energy to others, my day is as simple as that. By shedding yourself of any and all desires that can potentially cause some negative impact, you cannot feed them, and therefore they do not exist.

When your day is getting tough just break it up into small segments and go at a pace you find comfortable.

Coastin’ with the motion of the ocean

Let me know how your day’s going ?

Much love – hasta luego!


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