Cordoba to Germany – Otterberg

My journeys have taken me from the beautiful Andalucia to South Westerly Frankfurt Hahn airport where I am currently waiting five hours for my bus, this was not by choice but the dreadful connections from this airport to any remotely populated area.

Although believe me, it is truly fantastic to see fields of lush green grass and vast patches of woodland after the desert like summer in southern Spain. I’ve recently spent the last few days at a good friends parents in Ochevilla del rio whilst waiting for my flight today, this town is very close to an area called ‘the pan‘ on account of it being the hottest place in Spain, they were not lying. Even the nights can settle at temperatures around 30 degrees and in the peak of summer can reach sweltering high 40s.

In all honesty I’ve done next to no work and happened to come across my birthday which again resulted in doing absolutely nothing and loving it! Relaxation at its best!

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some great new people and experiencing an electrical storm like I’ve never seen before (and even capturing some nice photos if I do say so myself)

I was quite literally begging for a storm as you could feel the immense pressure building day by day and I was afraid that it would strike after I left! However, much to my pleasure the storm came with the full force the news had warned about. Winds appeared from nowhere beating the palm trees to extinction and approximately 30cms of rainfall per metre squared over 1 hour! See below a brief video of the carnage and me embracing the elements!

The video doesn’t do even the slightest to express how powerful the weather came, it really felt as if Thor was smashing his hammer at us with an uncomprehendable fury!

Getting to experience Córdoba before leaving was a blessing, getting a chance to truly understand the history between the Muslims and Christians is hard work, but to see the speechless architecture gives you an insight to what they were defending! CULTURE !

For now however, I am sat in the airport, pondering the great mystery that is life and drinking enough coffee to give a heroin addict a strong buzz. My posts seem to be less frequent at the moment due to the nature of everything changing and being up in the air, but I plan to do a more up to date version of what’s happening as the days progress at the monastery! For now, godspeed, much love, and let me know what you’re up too!


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