First draft beginning – ‘Floating On a Breath’

Today marks a good significant start in writing my draft of the book I want to produce – I’m desperately in need of people who would help out and revise some sections for me so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Its a cold winters day and Ive been wrapped up on my bed with the Kingdom Hearts 1 playlist serenading my brain. I’m scribbling and editing and deleting and redoing sections of my book, all whilst in the midst of training and meditation. I can’t complain! What a great time to write, and gave me a moment to appreciate that I have the gift of time and comfort to do such things.

I will update as the book comes along with segments posted for you to get a taste of what’s to come! For now have the introduction that’s being updated as we speak- Have a beautiful evening – Amitabha

‘For the most part of my life up until the last 6 months, I had always made rash decisions, blindly followed others, gave into peer pressure (or should I say taking the easiest option), and generally leading myself into a variety of bad situations with even worse outcomes. I was not living a conscious lifestyle, always with the best intentions and never wanting to harm anyone; but seldom when the time came to make such decisions would I think of the sensible option. I had done things most people would never dream of doing before I was even eighteen years old and to this I am not in the slightest part proud of my actions, but this does not mean I regret now even a single on of those. My decisions, actions and karma have resulted in the position I am now and have put me on a path where I have the opportunity to reflect deeply on my past experiences, take what good I can from those, dispose of the negative feelings holding me back, and step forward confidently into a more conscious lifestyle living in the here and now.

I often used to contemplate the thought over my mind; Have my past actions and decisions affected my ability to change? Is it possible that through years of excessive heavy drinking, use of narcotics, smoking, lying, stealing, indulging in cheap thrills for brief momentary gratification, that I cannot pull myself out of this trap? This was an absolute waste of time and energy. It was a refreshing realisation that no matter what depth you have dug a hole into unhealthy routines and keep revealing negative decisions, you are the architect of your own mind, you have the ability at any time to build a new path out of that hole you buried yourself in and begin the task of climbing out.

Miao He is my Dharma name, it translates to Wonderful Peace or Harmony (The same symbol). Whilst I live at the monastery and continue down the path of Shaolin this is my name, and how I am addressed by anyone in the temple. It was decided upon by a number of factors such as, date of birth, time of birth, moon phase, and given to me by the abbot (Sitaigung) upon completing my refuge ceremony where I took refuge in the Three Jewels and vowed the five Silas’


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