Hiatus – Meditation/Qi Gong – Taking a Digital Break

So conveniently my data and signal has been non existent which is great, of course I miss the communication with friends and family but the break has been much needed. Taking a digital break has allowed me to focus on my meditation, aswell as learning Bad Duan Jin the Qi Gong set (8 Brocade Movements). I will be back online soon to update and upload some more exerts from my book I’m working on and some meditation help and ideas.

So why don’t you take a digital break? Breathe the fresh air, tell your family you love them, take a walk, see that old friend, invite the neighbour for a drink! Great to speak to you all and hope you can wait just a little longer for new content 🙂

Amitabha !

Postscript –

My sister is starting up a blog and now more than ever her content is relevant with keeping clarity in your day and breathing properly. Thich-Naht-Hahn wrote in his book that the Buddhist Sutra ‘The full awareness of breathing’ by learning to simply breathe with full appreciation we can improve all aspects of our life and even reach enlightenment, give it a try today ;


For those of you who have been reading and taking the time to view my website please take a moment to read up on my journey below via the link;


Or alternatively you can directly help via my go fund me page, I appreciate all the support so far you guys have been fantastic! – Have a beautiful day


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