Nothingness – One Buddhist Perspective

How to define ‘Nothing‘.

What is nothing?

There are many different perspectives and aspects of nothing or nothingness, one view from a Mahayana Buddhist perspective is that everything exists temporarily. We know that everything is impermanent and cannot last forever, eventually everything will break down into smaller parts or disappear completely. But this being impermanent, nothing can be gone forever it will always somehow return. Take Buddhism for example, it is said that after 5000 years Buddhism will no longer exist. But even an idea that no longer exists, will one day be reborn with a different name, shape, form, but at its essence is will the same thing. Statistically it could take millions of years, lifetimes, worlds, or just a few milliseconds, but one day it will happen again.

Our planet for example, built up of trillions of parts of different materials and gases etc, the sun will one day explode or implode and cause such a catastrophic line of events that the earth will be destroyed or simply unable to contain life anymore.

We know that the electrical signals and other forms of communication from our five senses are perceived by the brain and our minds to communicate things to us, so theoretically material things simply do not exist as everything is created by the mind. Our mind interprets all of these signals which if we did not have we would be unable to determine whether anything exists at all.

Babies for example, prior to experiencing life with their five senses simply have no idea what objects are material or in the mind, so what is to tell them that what they are experiencing is real or not?


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