Why Must We Know Everything?

There is no disputing knowledge is power in this world, but why do we have this insatiable need to know the answer to everything.

After a particularly zen conversation with the other disciples we came to the conclusion that once we decide on an answer or conclusion for something, then we stop learning. The reason children are fast and adaptable learners is because they do not take answers as factually complete non negotiable answers.

If you do not take an answer for its face value and remain open then you can continue to learn and stop limiting yourself.

Do not possess an idea.

Without needing to know how to open a door, you are at peace. By knowing how to open it, you are forever searching for the key. Accepting that the door doesn’t need to be open or closed, you will realise the area surrounding the door and widen your gaze. Simply walk around the door, there are no walls.

Just a short anecdote for the day. Try it. If you don’t need to know, then don’t think about it. Don’t worry about the answer to this and that. If it has no effect on your life then see it as white noise and simply remove it, give your mind some peace and clarity today



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