Leaving The Temple in Search of Broadening Experiences & New Short Story Announcement

I must confess that 6 beautiful months later and one survived winter in Germany and my time at the monastery is at its end, I wish to take what I have learnt from here and adapt it back to the sunny south of Spain! I originally came from Spain slightly lost at the end of my travels seeking something spiritually to satisfy my hunger for direction, Buddhism was my answer and I feel ever so grateful that it was. With a new sense of direction and life philosophy I return to Spain to finish writing my book of poetry, my novel about my time at the monastery and to explore even deeper meditation where I will have more time for all of this.

A short trip home to Wales to exchange my bags and travel gear and then I head back to Andalucia. I will be writing a full post with many details on the temple experience and becoming a shaolin disciple, as well as an update on my book and a sneak preview at a short story I have been writing the last week’s but kept quiet about.

I wanted to have a side project whilst working on my book to keep my mind fresh and not get too attached to one idea. The thing that attracts me to short stories is the potential for fast and hard hitting points and the ability to grasp a reader quickly, it forces you to adjust your writing style to something new and I believe it is an opportunity to learn! I will be releasing a short story finalised and complete at the end of the month, so keep your eyes posted!

Please give your thoughts and opinions on short stories and writing styles, always feel free to share your content in the comments so we can learn from eachother and enjoy others work!

Amitabha 🙂


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