A Tree Falls In The Woods

If a tree falls in the woods, and there isn’t a single living organism around, does it make a sound ?

Our mind makes the material world, not the other way around. So without a living organism to perceive the tree, it doesn’t even exist.

Later today I will be posting an extensive and thorough breakdown of ‘How real is reality?’ . These existential questions are rarely thought about in detail or arrive a solid conclusion due to the headache it causes from discussions, speaking from the Buddhist point of view I chew through this thick topic and will give you something to think about for the rest of the day. All of my teachings are directly from a Buddhist master which have been giving me more and more clarity every day and I hope to share them with you soon.

Speak to you all later!


Postscript –

My sister is starting up a blog and now more than ever her content is relevant with keeping clarity in your day and breathing properly. Thich-Naht-Hahn wrote in his book that the Buddhist Sutra ‘The full awareness of breathing’ by learning to simply breathe with full appreciation we can improve all aspects of our life and even reach enlightenment, give it a try today;


Please take the time to view my whole journey below – any contributions toward my pursuit to further my education in Buddhism is life changing. Thankyou.

Or alternatively you can directly help via my go fund me page, I appreciate all the support so far you guys have been fantastic! – Have a beautiful day


10 thoughts on “A Tree Falls In The Woods

      1. Nice read thank you for the referral and the invitation for dialogue. Have you read my article on Panpsychism? http://quantumawareness.net/2018/09/22/panpsychism-could-it-really-be-true/ your input here would also be very appreciated.

        The first thing I would say is that as humans we have mind and a body. The body is composite the mind not. We are unable to evaluate, due to the limitation of our sensory apparatus, whether or not anything other than ourselves has mind. We can see the bodies of a tree or an elephant but we cannot see their minds. Since we know so little about how mind or consciousness physically arises we theorize. I understand that it may be more acceptable to accept that a whale is conscious than a tree for example, but we do not know for sure. I think it is hubris to believe that mind is limited to men or animals.

        I agree that mind creates everything. There is however no your mind and my mind there is just mind. Some philosophical schools like the Madhyamaka, for example, would even argue that there is no mind either.

        In my school of Buddhism, the discussion about the Subject-object split is not complete without recognizing that action, those actions of the subject directed at the object, is also one and the same thing, mind and should not be perceived as seperate.

        Your object of perception and subject of perception definitions are quite good. Could you elaborate on the second part?” and the other part which knows what the object is for and associates it.”

        No offence this is just a hint, but you need an editor something like Grammarly https://www.grammarly.com it will improve the readability of your writing, most of it is free.



      2. My latest exploration is into conceptual perception and non conceptual perception, these actions I believe are similar to what you are saying help come to a conclusion. But I agree, the best part about Buddhism is the ability to accept when theories are wrong and adapt to the world around us. Similar to the world to our minds. I will read your article tonight 🙂


      3. Perception in Buddhism is really fascinating. One can spend years studying it and still know only little. Interesting fact the German word for perception is Wahrnehmung literally I take this to be real, it’s really an action of taking and identifying something.



      4. Of course! Which school of Buddhism do you follow if you don’t mind my asking? Here we are Chan! Which might explain better some of the theories and concepts of my posts


      5. Sure thing that’s no problem, I practice Tibetan Buddhism specifically the Karma Kagyu school, which is why I have quotes from the works of the Karmapa’s in some of my writings. The Tibetans were very exacting in their studies and practice, the practices can be as complex or as simple as one wishes to make them. I find them inspirational and profound.


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