Brain Food – Short Sentences with Weight

Here are some recent sayings that have come up in discussion amongst the Sangha (Temple Community) today and over the course of the last week, these have stuck with me because I have been able to mull over them whilst out walking and led to some interesting thoughts. I’d be interested to know how you interpret these sayings, or if they hold the same weight in your life as they have for mine.

One that the Shifu (Head master teacher) uses often for guests or whilst training;

Pain is a fact, Suffering is optional

Seriously – take the stretch in the image above of myself opening my hips up with the aid of Miao Hai! You quickly learn not to suffer.

The Abbot (Sitaigung) during a theory lesson made a long discussion over this one;

Love or Need – It cannot be both

Another qoute from the abbot about ignorance, this is a great example;

By choosing not to see, those who are blind will always fall down the hole

And here is a personal qoute I came up with whilst talking to guests about meditation techniques. I feel like this accurately describes a lot of things in our field of training when related to ‘letting go’, from Kung Fu, to Qi Gong, Meditation and more.

To try harder, you will achieve less.

To stop trying, you will achieve everything.

Please leave a comment or if you want to discuss any of these from a Buddhist perspective it would be my pleasure. Have a great day, in the meantime we are making preparations for the Chinese New Year festival tomorrow! 🐉 🎊

Amitabha !

Postscript –

My sister is starting up a blog and now more than ever her content is relevant with keeping clarity in your day and breathing properly. Thich-Naht-Hahn wrote in his book that the Buddhist Sutra ‘The full awareness of breathing’ by learning to simply breathe with full appreciation we can improve all aspects of our life and even reach enlightenment, give it a try today ;
Much of my inspiration has come from some of the absolute Zen greats, my good friend and brother Miao Zhi shown me this fantastic book and ive been reading it since, here is a brief outline of it all;

For those of you who have been reading and taking the time to view my website please take a moment to read up on my journey below via the link;

Or alternatively you can directly help via my go fund me page, I appreciate all the support so far you guys have been fantastic! – Have a beautiful day


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