Poetry – You can burn the wood you collected for many winters in a heartbeat

The forest spirit takes life and gives it

This is natural

This is nature

This is true

This is

Humans take life and give it

The scales are uneven

This is not natural

This is our nature

This is the sad truth

This is

This short poem I wrote when emotions were high amongst a dispute about felling a beautifully tall and mature tree in the forest. It was tailored in the end to have a satisfying shape and flow, I felt the abrupt endings to the verses were accurate and fitting the abrupt end of the trees life because of one man’s desire. This was written quickly and emotionally fueled to hit the heart of those who share nature’s pain inflicted by humans. Please leave a comment or even better share with me some of your writing !

Have a beautiful day Amitabha!

Postscript –
My sister is starting up a blog and now more than ever her content is relevant with keeping clarity in your day and breathing properly. Thich-Naht-Hahn wrote in his book that the Buddhist Sutra ‘The full awareness of breathing’ by learning to simply breathe with full appreciation we can improve all aspects of our life and even reach enlightenment, give it a try today ;


Please take the time to view my whole journey below – any contributions toward my pursuit to further my education in Buddhism is life changing. Thankyou.


you can directly help via my go fund me page, I appreciate all the support so far you guys have been fantastic! – Have a beautiful day


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