Alternative Healing

2019 marks the beginning of setting up a free online help session –

The aim this year is to set up a substantial basis in which we will provide a service or place to those who wish to explore alternative methods to addressing mental health issues. I am in no way a professional and not a doctor which is why I state now * this has absolutely nothing to do with dispensing drugs, but having suffered many years under the oppressive, controlling hand of mental health I have simply decided to offer what advice I can to those who may want to know how I rid myself of anxiety completely. If you are in desperate need of help then seek professional help immediately, or alternatively visit for anonymous based support.

The plan is to be offering one on one support via email weekly with Qi Gong routines, meditation methods and guided talks, suggested eco therapy, breathing techniques and so on. I am a Buddhist disciple at a Shaolin Temple Monastery where I live and train daily and have commited the foreseeable future to further developing these skills. I want no money – I simply wish to create a platform with others who have beaten such issues themselves and create a safe haven where others can discuss issues should they feel comfortable.

Use my contact me page if you wish to join the project and start setting up a stable area for this to come to fruition! Thank you for reading – Amitabha !